Loycom Games was established in Barcelona in 2021 to provide community-led games that can be played anywhere. Our browser games work with browser extensions to gamify internet browsing.

We believe in creating games that are playable even when time is tight, and our games activate on any website that you visit regularly. We embrace innovation and always utilize the latest technologies to ensure our games are engaging and exciting.

Our aim is to bring the excitement of videogames to other areas of people's lives. We want everyone to have the opportunity to socialize and discover new content through gameplay. We're dedicated to powering the gamification of internet browsing, so you can play anywhere!


The Browser Extension RPG Game

Dedalium is a browser extension that turns any website into an RPG game.
Play and conquer the Internet!

Play while browsing the internet with Dedalium!

Everything is now a Game!

Gather objects, fight your friends on their social networks and improve your Network Guardian to be feared!